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Without Commitment Results Will Suffer

Commitment:  being bound intellectually to a course of action and to other persons. That’s the third level in the five behaviors of building a cohesive team. The foundation of the 5 behaviors of a cohesive team  is trust-  vulnerable trust.  Build it further with conflict – ideological conflict. And next is commitment.  But do not confuse commitment… Read more

Building a cohesive team with conflict

The  understanding of conflict has gotten a bad wrap.  Great relationships need conflict in order to grow.  But I am not referring to destructive conflict with anger, name calling or inability to communicate effectively. The second behavior in building a cohesive team is conflict and there needs to be productive conflict around ideas, issues or… Read more

Trust is the foundation for a strong team

Trust is the foundation of a relationship.  Whether it is personal or in the workplace, without trust there just isn’t a strong connection.  And without a strong connection to a person or organization, well it doesn’t take a master mind to know that little to no commitment will exist. The type of trust I am… Read more

Building a cohesive team

Building a cohesive team is easy, but it takes diligence. Why aren’t there more cohesive teams in an organization?  Because we get caught up in the day-to-day hustle of this and that, the adrenaline rush as Patrick Lencioni defines it. Many organizations do not concern themselves with spending time and energy on building a cohesive team… Read more

Keep it simple and build effective results

The idea for my blog this week “keep it simple” came to me after a friend sent me a picture of his Halloween costume – incredibly simple yet very effective. This same thread of “keeping it simple” was evident throughout the week.  I spent a great amount of time consulting and facilitating “”The Five Behaviors… Read more