Monthly Archives: October 2014

Tenacity creates victory

The word for this week is tenacity.  It’s what separates the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the could-a, should-a from I did.  This past week tenacity was evident for me, as well as a colleague. Many years ago a prospect said to me “you certainly are tenacious”.  I wasn’t sure if… Read more

Moving from status quo to success

When it feels uncomfortable, you know something new is happening;  a new experience,  new sensation, new outcomes. This past week I consulted with two individuals that were facing uncomfortable conflict situations.  When talking through the concerns they had it was quite apparent that the outcome would be positive if they could push past their comfort… Read more

Be careful how you define loyalty in your organization

The word for this week is loyalty.  I experienced loyalty in the workplace and thought the employee should be commended for his willingness to go above and beyond of what was asked of him.   After all isn’t that what employers want?  Employees who come to work on time, do what is asked of them and… Read more

Instead of the blame game take responsibility

This past week I experienced two significant conflicts where the individuals did not take responsibility for their actions.  Instead the finger was pointed towards someone or something else that caused the problem.  The troubling aspect is no matter what amount of reasoning or coaching was applied, the persons just did not want to acknowledge their… Read more