Monthly Archives: September 2014

Smile, it reduces stress

I arrived to my meeting at Counting House  last week and in the lobby was a big sign that said “Welcome Jeannette McDonald”. That sign put a surprised smile on my face, even made me take a picture of it and it created a genuine interaction with the client. So it got me to thinking about smiling…. Read more

Walking builds creativity

Struggling with a great idea?  Thoughts zooming around in your mind?  Take a walk.  Break away from the clutter to allow your mind to simmer down. Researchers at Stanford University conducted a series of experiments to test whether creativity was enhanced while walking.  They asked participants to devise novel uses for every everyday objects and draw… Read more

It takes discipline to build Tiny Habits

There are habits we use every day, good or bad, they’re habits.  It’s relatively easy to make the time to do something that has to be done.  For instance, I am training for The Jimmy Fund Walk on September 21st.  I know that I can’t just lace up the sneakers on Sunday morning and walk… Read more