Finding leadership in the game of golf

I have been playing golf for the past several years, not without a lot of angst I might add. I’ve really been dedicated for the past two years. I made a commitment to myself that I would golf at least one time each week. For some that might not seem like enough, but for me that was more than I was doing previous to this commitment. If it weren’t for the fresh air, exercise and social aspect, I would have given up. But the lure of the game brought me back week after week. The vision of hitting the ball consistently was what kept me motivated.  Despite lessons, advice and vision -it just wasn’t happening.  But, last week it connected. I hit the ball consistently throughout the game.  No, it didn’t go a great distance and yes, the short game needs a lot of work – but I connected to the ball for the first time!  Was this a fluke, will the old swing haunt me again?  So I played again and guess what?  Once again I consistently connected with the ball.  Yabadado!

What does this have to do with leadership?  Having a vision and not losing sight of that vision despite current reality.  That’s it, plan and simple.

Check out Tom Watson’s explanation for the perfect golf swing.

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