Leadership doesn’t always begin with a capital L

Leadership.  A lot of buzz is happening around this word lately.  Workshops, books, even colleges are now offering a master’s degree in leadership.  As I read recently, leadership does not begin with a capital L.    Leadership is demonstrated in your home, community, organizations you are a member of or in the workplace.  For me leadership is a mindset – stepping over the line to make a difference.

This past weekend was the USPS food drive.  As a volunteer at a local soup kitchen I know the value of having a community soup kitchen that is well stocked to help those who are in need.  I thought about whether I wanted to email my neighbors to remind them of the food drive.  One part of my brain said “just focus on what you are doing” the other side of my brain said “maybe there is someone that forgot and would welcome the reminder”.  So I emailed my neighbors in the interest of helping others.  Well, it just so happens one of my neighbors called me Saturday morning at 8a; she was heading out, read the email and wanted to get a bit more info so you could put together a donation.

The workplace is where I focus my attention when it comes to leadership. “The Truth About Leadership” by James Kouzes and Barry Posner presents valuable information about leadership that I will reference moving forward.  Buy the book, download it and let’s have discussion.

For more information about James Kouzes go here 

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