It all starts with a vision

When you plan a vacation you have a vision of fun and breaking away from daily tasks of life – right? Some people plan to the extent that leaves little time to relax, others make no plans at all, but still there is a vision for what they want to achieve during their time away.

Well, the same goes for running a business. If the leader of the business does not have a vision for what they are trying to achieve, then it’s just day-to-day, one foot in front of the other.  A leader is somewhat like an explorer, going places where others haven’t gone and questioning the decisions along the way to be sure he gets to where he wants to go.

But a leader cannot achieve the vision of their company alone, it requires bringing others along the way.  Just like when a small child grabs their father’s hand and says “Daddy, daddy come quick see what I have found”.  Daddy goes quite willingly because he loves and respects the child.  The principal remains the same for a company.  Employees must respect and support the leader to gain buy-in of the vision.

Lastly, if you’re on vacation and want to bring the family or friend  to visit a special place – a secluded beach, a famous museum, a spectacular mountain top, you must provide the direction and communication to gain the excitement and agreement from others.

Spend the time to crystallize a vision, talk with those around you and get them excited about it too. Everyone working towards the same goal will bring that vision to life.  Vision.  Alignment.  Execution.

Creating a company vision

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