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First you have to row a little boat

A friend gave me a book to read many years ago entitled “first you have to row a little boat”.   I guess you could say it’s a book about life’s  lessons and in it there is one resounding statement that I have used often in my personal and professional life.  I quote “We may… Read more

Email freedom

Email used to be our best friend.  Well, I suppose it’s still a good friend, but it sure has it’s downside.  I don’t know about you, but my email box is filled to the brim with unanswered emails and unread newsletters that I keep refusing to delete because soon I will have the time to read them.  But,… Read more

Finding leadership in the game of golf

I have been playing golf for the past several years, not without a lot of angst I might add. I’ve really been dedicated for the past two years. I made a commitment to myself that I would golf at least one time each week. For some that might not seem like enough, but for me… Read more

Playing like the pros

I love watching football when the home team is playing. This past week NE Patriots did a great job of bringing home the win. I got to thinking about why they pulled it off this week and not some of the other weeks, so I asked around. It seems a lot had to do with… Read more

It all starts with a vision

When you plan a vacation you have a vision of fun and breaking away from daily tasks of life – right? Some people plan to the extent that leaves little time to relax, others make no plans at all, but still there is a vision for what they want to achieve during their time away…. Read more