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React or Respond

You’re waiting in line for the next available agent and someone steps in front of you and takes the lead.  Did you react or respond? You’re in a conversation that quickly turns from disagreeing to an argument.  Did you react or respond? To some the words mean the same, but there is a difference.  When… Read more

Why be normal?

Why be normal? This statement was on a bumper sticker and it caused me to reflect on who I am and what I am willing to expose of myself.  Society has taught us the do’s and don’ts of getting along with people.  Sometimes we stay within the boundaries and other times, well we just want… Read more

It takes a community

We’ve all heard the expression “it takes a community to” ….  bring up children, work on a cause, build a church, so on and so on –  you can easily fill in the blank. But I am going to take a bit of a different twist on this thinking.  I think it takes a community… Read more

An unexpected goal

The experience of an unexpected goal came to me on Saturday. Since I do a lot of walking I decided I would walk to an appointment that I had Saturday morning.  I had 1 hour and 45 minutes to walk 6 miles – could be tight but definitely doable.  If I didn’t make it my… Read more

Relax and be more productive

It does seem counter-intuitive to think that if we take time to relax we can achieve more.  After all, time is what we have so little of why would we “waste it” doing nothing? But research and a plethora of articles support the belief that relaxation improves our productivity. I once worked with a manager that was a great… Read more

Making Decisions

This past week decision making has been on my radar.  I have been struck with those who make solid decisions that lead to success  and those who  continue to make the same poor decisions.  What separates them ~ is it knowledge, experience, drive or luck?  For the most part those who make poor decisions on a… Read more

A Good Habit ~ so hard to develop so easy to break

Fourth Quarter of 2014 I made a commitment that I would write a weekly a blog. I wanted to build the habit and learn from the experience.  I began and was diligent with my writing.  But then the first of year came along and distractions of the winter put writing on the back burner. Bang –… Read more


Hiking to the summit, reaching the top is an experience many do not understand.  After all it takes hard work, focus and drive to succeed, to attain positive results.  The same drive is necessary for a team to achieve results. The purpose of building  trust, facing conflict, embracing commitment and  ensuring accountability is for one reason – achieving results for the… Read more

Without Commitment Results Will Suffer

Commitment:  being bound intellectually to a course of action and to other persons. That’s the third level in the five behaviors of building a cohesive team. The foundation of the 5 behaviors of a cohesive team  is trust-  vulnerable trust.  Build it further with conflict – ideological conflict. And next is commitment.  But do not confuse commitment… Read more