It takes a community

We’ve all heard the expression “it takes a community to” ….  bring up children, work on a cause, build a church, so on and so on –  you can easily fill in the blank.

But I am going to take a bit of a different twist on this thinking.  I think it takes a community to stretch our boundaries.  This thought came to me last week while in yoga practice.

I’ve been going to yoga for about 4 years.  I think I am doing a pretty good job at some of the poses and having trouble with others.  We were working on hip openers, a pose that helps with hip flexibility.  This was one of the poses that I thought I did quite well – wrong.  The teacher took my leg and stretched my hip open at least 5 more inches.  Who knew that I could push that deep?  And that’s when it struck me.  Sometimes we can go it alone on activities we are involved in but other times, it takes being with a group to be challenged, to stretch to the outer limit of our abilities.

Why not become part of a community that will help stretch your boundaries?

Mixed race woman practicing yoga in park


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