Making Decisions

This past week decision making has been on my radar.  I have been struck with those who make solid decisions that lead to success  and those who  continue to make the same poor decisions.  What separates them ~ is it knowledge, experience, drive or luck?  For the most part those who make poor decisions on a regular basis are not successful, happy or content with their surroundings.

If you Goggle decision making there is all sorts of information that can direct you to make better decisions.  Although decisions can be made using either intuition or reasoning, a combination of both approaches is often used.

I found a quiz on MindTool that helps evaluate how well I make decisions.  I scored 65, it reflects I do a fairly decent job making decisions but I should be more systematic in my approach to problem solving.  It definitely provides food for thought as to approaching a decision. Take the test and see where you can improve your thinking.

Whether you are a leader of an organization or an individual living a full life, sound decisions are key to your quality of life.  When faced with a decision take the time to think it through, search for solutions, evaluation the options, share with others, listen to your “gut” and then make the decision and stick with it.


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