A Good Habit ~ so hard to develop so easy to break

Fourth Quarter of 2014 I made a commitment that I would write a weekly a blog. I wanted to build the habit and learn from the experience.  I began and was diligent with my writing.  But then the first of year came along and distractions of the winter put writing on the back burner. Bang – the habit that took quite a bit to develop was so easily broken.

So it only seemed obvious that I would kick start my weekly blog with what’s it take to build a habit.  Success is derived by many who are self-driven sports players, successful leaders, inspirational leaders and even the person next door that goes running each night sun, rain and even snow!

I read an article in Forbes magazine by Jason Felk that I thought was pretty interesting and help shed some light on Habit Formation.  It seems I got stuck in Phase 2, inspiration fades and reality sets in.

The quote “if it is to be it is up to me” I think sums it up.  Excuses can soar for why we don’t do what we know is in our best interest but it all boils down to discipline.

What habit have you started and stopped?  Or, what habit have you started and remained committed to?  For me it’s back to weekly writing about life’s lessons and how it applies personally and professionally.

I’ll close with this interesting presentation by BJ Fogg on Tiny Habits, he’s pretty smart and also adds perspective on how to create positive habits.


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  1. Cathy Cram

    Hi Jeannette
    As always you make such a valid point about establishing good habits and maintaining them. So many distractions in our daily work and personal lives. It takes personal accountability and discipline but the rewards are great!

    • Jeannette McDonald

      Thank you for your feedback Cathy. You are right, if more of us took personal accountability for our actions imagine what we could achieve.


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