Hiking to the summit, reaching the top is an experience many do not understand.  After all it takes hard work, focus and drive to succeed, to attain positive results.  The same drive is necessary for a team to achieve results.

The purpose of building  trust, facing conflict, embracing commitment and  ensuring accountability is for one reason – achieving results for the team.  It seems like results would be a natural progression but it most often is the greatest challenge for a team.  Despite everyone’s best effort to work on the first four behaviors, if the team does not achieve results then it is not a team.The only measure of a great team is in fact results but ego and selfish loyalty can get the in the way.  Some may be focused only on their department’s success (selfish loyalty) or  others on professional growth or acknowledgement (ego).

Build a strong foundation for success with The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

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