Where team behavior most often fails – Accountability

Accountability is where the rubber hits the road, it’s when you have to look yourself in the mirror and ask “did I do what I was supposed to do and if not, how come?”.  If a team is going to abide by the decisions that were made, then it is up to the team to keep one another accountable to be sure the team stays on track with an eye focused on results.  But team members are most often not comfortable calling out someone and asking “why?”.  There could be doubts as to whether the other team member actually bought into the decision that was made.

Peer-to-peer accountability is the most effective way to achieve results.  Peer-to-peer accountability takes the pressure off  the leader from having to make sure everyone is staying on track.  It also frees up the leader from having to get involved with politics and distractions associated with sidebar conversations someone is having about so and so not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

When team members are confident they have built their relationship on trust, conflict and commitment – accountability naturally flows.  Helping someone get back on track for the greater purpose of success is helping to carry the load, removes finger pointing and, yes, creates a cohesive team.

If a team enthusiastically  embraces accountability, the last behavior that is critical for a cohesive team will naturally follow – results.

For it little diversion during this holiday season and  a different perspective on accountability, sit back, relax while you watch this amusing  movie clip.



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