Email freedom

Email used to be our best friend.  Well, I suppose it’s still a good friend, but it sure has it’s downside.  I don’t know about you, but my email box is filled to the brim with unanswered emails and unread newsletters that I keep refusing to delete because soon I will have the time to read them.  But, time slips away and next thing I know another email or e-newsletter has come in.

Sure, we’re pretty good at responding to things that take priority but it’s the lower priority mail that clogs up our inbox and mind.  So I will tell you what I did – I spent about 30 minutes unsubscribing from newsletters that I get – some I never even opted in to.  And then, I deleted all those emails that I said I was going to get to.  I set up additional rules so more of the emails go to folders instead of my inbox.  This was quite freeing; its almost been a week and I still don’t have regrets and haven’t missed a beat on correspondence.

I searched around to see if there were any good links on this subject.   I liked watching Mark Achler, Entrepreneur and Redbox Executive speak regarding email efficiency and effectiveness.  While he doesn’t hit the topic on the head, he has a few other videos that I thought were interesting.  All of them are quite short.

Free yourself from the chains of email, be wild and crazy – delete, unsubscribe and become more effective with your time.

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